Heart Rate Monitor Watch an Uncomplicated, Effective Tool for Performance
The heart is a muscular pump that pumps blood through the body and it is imperative to keep it fit and healthy. Unfortunately heart disease which encompasses a number of heart conditions such as hypertension, cognitive heart disease and angina for instance, may be inherited or even be the result of poor lifestyle habits. Thousands of females and many more males die from cardiovascular disease each year from high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, stress, being overweight, lack of exercise and smoking. Physical inactivity also leads to other risk factors such as obesity and heart disease and a heart rate monitor watch is great for those who have been sedentary and who want to take up recreational walkers. The monitor watch is also great for experienced athletes. A Monitor Watch to Motivate You towards Improved Training B00GB0NUB4.PT01 There are different types of heart rate monitor watches but they all assist people to exercise at an intensity that enables them to exercise with the principles of progressive overload. This is so they don't exercise at too high an intensity or two low an intensity. The Heart Rate Monitor Watch by CompressionZ is suitable for men, women and young people, and comes with a host of features to help motivate the person towards improved training and performance. The watch will display the heart rate in beats per minute and the user can set high and low heart rate limits for their workout. This is particularly useful because it allows you to exercise at the correct intensity. The heart rate monitor watch can be used for lots of different sports such as aerobics, soccer, tennis, walking, basketball, athletics, jogging, running, cycling and swimming. This is because the monitor is water resistant and comes with a back-light for better viewing. Some of its other useful features which contribute to safeguarding the user against developing any cardiac complications and injuries - - heart rate sensor to calculate your heart rate according to age - heart rate decreases with age - multiple function monitor - calories burnt, alarm, timer, laps, chronograph - black color, sleek, trendy and stylish - time and date display - the monitor provides a means to analyses sport, walking or exercise efforts so that the person can design a personalized training program for themselves A Lightweight Heart Rate Watch - your Life Saver Exercise is wonderful and necessary for the body but you don't want to over-train and be unaware of the correct intensity at which to exercise as this can damage the heart. The useful heart rate monitor is a useful tool and indicator of your heart's reaction to exercise and the intensity of your efforts.
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