7 things to do the week of competition
racedirectorSo you’ve stuck with your workouts, and you picked a race or competition. As the event looms near, there are some things you should do to prepare for the slightly different workout known as “competing”. Here’s what the experts say we should be doing the week of competition.
  1. Get quality sleep. The week of competition, do not allow yourself to cheat on sleep, since the night before the race is often restless. Five days before competition should be full nights of sleep with no late-night partying.
  2. Decrease your workouts. Yes, really. The amount of decrease will depend on your sport, but you should workout less than what is typical for you the week before competition, and not work out at all the day before the race.
  3. Start carbo-loading. The 48 hours before the event are your free space on the carbohydrate bingo cards - let the pasta begin!
  4. Don’t try anything new. On race day, stick to what you know. Don’t take new medication, wear new gear or eat anything new within 24 hours of the race.
  5. Drink extra water. Starting the day before the event, drink alittle more water than you typically do.
  6. Pack your gear the night before. For best results, make a checklist before you pack, and check off your items in your gear bag the night before the event so you have time to get something you just realized you don’t have.
  7. Arrive at the competition 1 hour early. This allows for mishaps with parking, checking in, finding the restrooms, etc.
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