Compression Wrist Sleeve Brace - Pink

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Relieve Wrist Pain, Carpal Tunnel, and Wrist Tendonitis

The Wrist sleeves can help stimulate joints, improves blood flow and provide support. The sleeves can be used on wrists that suffer sprains and overuse, injuries from repetitive work and more. These sleeves can also be used to relieve wrist pain and carpal tunnel pain due to overuse injury.


The sleeves ensures that it has no tag or seams to cause irritation while being worn. Stays light, dry and fresh because sleeves are made of anti-odor and moisture fabric which allow the wrist sleeves to be worn all day. 
Made from nylon and Spandex material. 

These sleeves features a cuff that is able to be folded over for additional compression to the wrist area that gives extra support in the wrist and relieves pain. You will appreciate the difference of the sleeves if used in activities such as weightlifting, sports, typing, or work in the yard.

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