Balaclava Compression Face Mask

Whether you are living in a cold, hot, windy, or a polluted city, you need to protect your face and neck from a number of environmental conditions which can harm your skin.

CompressionZ Balaclava Face Mask is the perfect way to protect your face and neck from dust, pollution, UV rays, and blazing sun.

Protects Your Skin - This Balaclava Face mask is perfect for protecting your skin from dust, pollution, UV rays, or hot and cold weather conditions. The high-performance material of this face mask keeps your skin protected without causing any irritation or chafing. Moreover, the material is breathable and promotes better blood circulation.

Keeps You Comfortable - CompressionZ Balaclava Face Mask is soft and lightweight which makes it super comfortable to use. The light material ensures that you don't have to carry extra weight around and you won't feel a thing on your face. This soft, lightweight face mask allows greater flexibility and motion which ensures that your movements are not limited by the face mask.

Flaunt In Style - There are number of ways to wear this versatile Balaclava Face Mask - Either cover your face fully or just the area around your face, wear it like a scarf, under any helmet, as an open or closed mask, or use it as neck gaiter. You have a wide variety of choices.

Multiple Uses - Whether you are a runner, cyclist, Jogger, or doing any sports like Skiing, Snowsports, Outdoor sports, Climbing, hiking, trekking or Gym Workouts, this Balaclava Face mask is perfect. The Antibacterial material helps to reduce odor and thus lets you enjoy any physical activity.

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