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7 Tips to Keep Joints Healthy

7 Tips to Keep Joints Healthy

#1 Keep Moving

Keep joints healthy by frequently moving throughout the day. Through being active throughout the day, there will be a reduction in muscle stiffness. It is essential to keep on changing positions as you go about your daily routine (e.g. when you're working, reading or even watching TV.) Take breaks from your desk or chair, stand up or take a walk for just a couple of minutes. Even this little movement throughout the day can improve the health of your joints.

 #2 Using Wrist Wraps / Knee Sleeves / Elbow Sleeves

Protecting your joints is a simple thing to do that a lot of people don’t take into consideration. Compressionz knee and ankle sleeves are an excellent purchase if you are looking to protect your joints. For example, if you're going into a squat, your knees may be impacted by the amount of weight, and therefore, it is necessary to protect the longevity of the joint. In the same way, if you are doing bench press, your wrist may be in an awkward position causing pain. If you are experiencing pain in your joints during an exercise, this is limiting your full potential.

#3 Losing Weight

If you are experiencing joint pain and you're aware that you’re overweight, try sticking to a diet and losing a few pounds. It may seem bizarre - but it is true! If you hold a lot of weight around the knee, elbow or shoulder, this could cause pain because your joints are struggling to hold the weight around them. If you begin to lose weight (even just a stone), this will mean that there will be less pressure and pain on each joint muscle.

#4 Stretching 

Stretching is one of the best cures for joint pain. If you are undergoing any heavy exercise throughout the day (whether it's in the gym or at work) then you always must stretch. If you don't stretch, there is a high chance that you could either pull a muscle or cause injury to the joints. It is a simple and efficient way to prevent joint pain.

#5 Knowing Your Limits 

After a gym session, you will sometimes get muscle soreness. However, joint pain is a completely different sensation. If your joints continue to hurt for over 48 hours, don’t repeat the exercise again before seeing a consultant or seeking advice. If this does occur, think back to your workout - were you lifting so much weight that your wrists couldn't handle the pressure? If this is the case, when re-introducing the exercise into your routine, ensure that you lower the weight you use to prevent injury.

It doesn't just have to be in the gym, though. If you're lifting heavy boxes around all day or have a job where you are always straining your muscles, it may be worth investing in some protection for that area until it is recovered again. (E.g. Compressionz)

#6 Getting Enough Calcium / Vitamin D

Obviously, it isn't just all about your time at the gym. Diet is a major factor when it comes to keeping your joints healthy, you must ensure you are giving yourself enough calcium and vitamin D. Having strong joints can keep you stable and on your feet and therefore prevent falls and chances of injury. You can also have other foods for sources of calcium like green, leafy vegetables e.g. broccoli and kale.

If it's challenging to get enough calcium into your diet, you should consult a doctor or look online for supplements.

#8 Sorting Out Posture

Improving your posture is essential when trying to protect joints (particularly for the shoulders.) Having a solid posture improves protection from the neck to the knee. Make sure that you keep your head and shoulders back, stomach tucked in and chest slightly out for a perfect posture throughout the day. When you first start doing this position, it may hurt because your body will have adapted to how you were sitting or standing previously, however once you are used to it, you will reap the benefits.

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