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About Compressionz

Meet Greg & Rachel, the owners of CompressionZ.  After learning about the benefits of Compression for the body, they wanted to improve the customer experience through a combination of function, feel and style.  Both are fitness enthusiasts and have set out to offer the finest compression athletic and activewear apparel at affordable prices. 

Our product is meticulously designed to provide the most comfortable and functional clothing to help people feel good, look good, perform better, relax more and recover faster.

Greg love's the original compression shorts and short sleeve shirt which he wears as a second skin while training and recovering.  And he claims to have a mild obsession with the compression socks.

Rachel's favorite items are the leggings and tank top.

We strive to serve our loyal customer base of runners, cyclists, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and those in need of the medical benefits of quality compression wear with pride.

We hope you love our clothing as much as we do!   Please share any feedback you have.  We are always looking to improve anyway we can.  And learning from our customers is a core value!

- Rachel, Greg & The CompressionZ Team

Designed in Detroit, Michigan USA

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