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4 Ways To Stay Warm When Running During The Winter

4 Ways To Stay Warm When Running During The Winter

Stay warm during the coldest weather

Studies have discovered that running has positive effects on the brain, not just the body. Yet even knowing the benefits the activity brings, you’ll still find it hard to drag yourself outdoors for a run during the winter.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can stay warm and enjoy your run on the coldest of mornings.

Keep Your Feet Warm With Foot Sleeves

Your feet are going to be in contact with the ground, so you’ll want to make sure the cold doesn’t begin to seep up through the soles of your running shoes.

Wearing compression foot sleeves is the ideal solution. Snug, comfortable, and easy to pull on, they don’t move once you’ve pulled on your running shoes either. The enhanced arch support protects against the impact of running, while they are insulated to retain more heat with every step.

Wear Clothing That Wicks Away Moisture

When you are shopping for running clothes, make sure you only buy ones that are breathable. Allowing your skin to breathe is important. If you don’t, you’ll trap that sweat between the layers. Stop running and you’ll feel chilly as the sweat rapidly cools.

Investing in the right clothing means that you can get rid of the sweat as you run. The clothing draws the sweat away from your body, so you’ll feel warmer even when you stop and cool down.

Wear Several Layers

Just how many you wear depends on the outside temperature. You lose heat more easily through one thick layer than through several thinner ones. Wearing several layers also means you can peel off the outer layer if you warm up enough that you no longer need it.

It's best to buy good-quality clothing designed for runners, too. Look for those moisture-wicking properties we mentioned above. The innermost layer should also be a snug fit. This makes it more comfortable to wear other layers on top without the inner ones creasing and becoming uncomfortable.

Wear Compression Clothing Underneath Your Running Gear

We’ve mentioned compression sleeves for your feet already, but there are lots of other compression clothing items you can wear as well.

Tops, shorts, pants, leggings, and capris offer warmth and comfort on every winter run. They’re snugly fitted, breathable, and supply support and comfort from the first step to the last.

They also drive more blood through the parts of your body wearing the clothing. Better circulation means a better performance, as your muscles receive more oxygenated blood throughout your run. Improved circulation also means greater warmth as you tackle your run.

Some people think winter runners are dedicated people. They cannot imagine themselves doing the same thing. However, we know that with the right clothing, worn in the right way and made from the best materials, we can stay warm even on days when our breath forms fog in front of us.

Do you use any of these tips to stay warm while running in colder weather? Would you try compression layers to get better results?

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