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Compression Sleeve For Arm Lymphedema

Compression Sleeve For Arm Lymphedema
Compression Sleeve For Arm LymphedemaCompression sleeve is a stretchable garment that is well fitted in your arm and leg. It is used by some people to reduce pain and enlargement of an arm caused by arm lymphedema. Lots of people use this, especially during workout or exercise, travelling long hours and when suffering from arm lympedema. This compression sleeve is commonly known as compression arm sleeve, compression garment, calf compression, leg sleeve or pressure sleeve. Compression sleeves are also worn by some athletes like, basketball players, football players and other players who are into running games. Many people use this because it can help to ease some pain in their injuries and to help to reduce the swelling of an arm caused by arm lymphedema. Axillary lymph node dissection is a procedure in a breast cancer surgery. This surgery removes some lymph nodes and tested. This procedure is important because it tells the doctor if the cancer has already spread beyond the breast and also in some lymp nodes. If some of the lymp nodes have been removed, arm lymphedema may occur which causes your arm or leg to swell. If this problem happens, try to contact your doctor to have a prescription or a lymphedema therapist which can help you to choose the compression sleeve that will suit and fit to you. Compression sleeve is used also by some athletes to help their arms and legs to reduce some pain in their injuries. But be careful in using it, sometimes it causes the blood not to flow well. So choose a compression sleeve that is not very tight and well fitted to your arm and leg. Compression sleeve can be bought in different sizes, weight, fabrics and colors. There are also some sleeves that can cover all over your arm down to your palm, but others cover only your arm. There are also some compression sleeve companies that offer some gauntless and fingerless gloves which some people with lymphedema can use.

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