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Why You Should Wear A Compression Sleeve


There are many reasons athletes should wear a compression sleeve. Why? Why should you buy and wear compression sleeves? It has been studied by sports scientists that wearing compression sleeves can prevent many injuries. It is also very helpful for many individuals, not just athletes. These are the top 5 reasons why one should wear a compression sleeve: 1. Dirt We can actually notice that most athletes wear compression sleeve on their arms and legs because it helps protect them from dirt while doing their activities. 2. Swelling It has been studied that wearing compression sleeves can prevent swelling in ankles and arms especially when exercising for long hours. 3. Protection It can protect our arms and legs from scratches and insect bites that can cause irritation. 4. Warmth Wearing a well fitted compression sleeve can give you warmth especially when exercising. It gives additional protection against the cold weather.   5. It Looks Cool Coolness, in the sense that when your team uses the same color compression sleeve, people will tend to notice. Some groups even use it as an identifying mark or uniform. If you plan on buying compression wear you should also take note of the size and color. Avoid buying compression wear in white since they get dirty easily and a lot of times, the dirt is hard to wash off. Choose one that is neutral in color, and choose a color that fits your other sports gear too. Always make sure that it is not very tight and it should be well fitted on your arms and legs. Buying a compression sleeve that is too tight will make you uncomfortable. Lastly, buy something that is priced fairly. Some people think that the more expensive a product is, the more effective it will be. That is not always the case. Check out reviews and comments by other users. There are a lot of compression wear in the market today that gives you the same quality for a better price.

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