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What Is A Compression Sleeve?

What Is A Compression Sleeve?
What Is Compression Sleeve? Compression sleeve is a clothing that most athletes wear. This sleeve is a form-fitting garment and made up of a spandex-type material. This spandex type material is an artificial fiber common for its inconsistent elasticity. This artificial material is strong but less sturdy than the non-artificial material which is called natural latex. There are lots of brands that producing compression sleeve. Here are some of the known brands: 1. Nike- is a well known American Multinational Corporation that designs a lot of sportswear like compression sleeve. This brand alone is worth over $10.7 billion, which means it is the most costly among the other sports products. 2. Reebok- is a secondary company of the German Company Adidas. This is one of the major producers of athletes sportswear. They also produce lots of sports equipments. 3. Adidas- this brand is a German Corporation which manufactures lots of sportswear, equipment and accessories. This is the largest company of sportswear in Germany. These are the three well-known brands that produce compression sleeves. Lots of athletes used compression sleeves especially those runners because it has a lot of benefits of wearing this kind of clothing or garment.One of the benefits of this sleeve is it helps to ease the pain or the ache from the muscle stiffness and soreness. But there are some compression sleeves that worn very tightly and causes the blood not to flow well. So when buying a compression sleeve, you must always check the size of your leg or arm if it fits you and if you feel comfortable when wearing it. You must also choose the one that is adjustable because when it is adjustable you have no worry how to adjust it and whether to wear it tightly or not. In general, compression sleeve is very important to our athletes or people who compete in running games.

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