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Medical Conditions That Compression Sleeves Can Help With

Medical Conditions That Compression Sleeves Can Help With
Medical Conditions That Compression Sleeves Can Help WithEarly manufacturers of compression sleeves believe that it only benefits athletes or for workout purposes. But as years go by, studies show that even in the medical world, a compression sleeve can contribute to a lot of treatments such as: Calf Strain Calf Muscles consist of two parts. The gastrocnemius muscle, known as the big muscle which is located at the lower back of the leg. And the second part is the soleus muscle, which is the smaller part of the muscle that is located under the gastrocnemius muscle. Calf strain may be described by mild discomfort and tightness of muscle. Shin Splints This may occur when workout or running has been overdone or if you haven’t done your workout routine for a very long time. Carrying your exercise routine on the wrong type of surface can cause shin splints. Increase Blood Flow According to studies, by using a compression sleeve, it can increase blood flow and develop blood ventilation. The heat that is coming from the compression sleeve gives pressure to the arterial part of your body, which encourages blood to flow back to your heart. Swelling of Ankles Injury in ankle and foot may cause swelling. It has a common name called sprained ankle. This may occur during workouts, running injury or sometimes a mishap. Leg Cramps It is caused by muscle contraction. It tightens the muscle with large amount of discomfort. This may take a few seconds or several minutes of pain, and you will definitely know it when it hits you! Leg cramps can be caused by pregnancy too. Varicose Veins Although varicose veins may appear at every part of your body, it is commonly found at the middle and lower part of the leg. This may be caused by valvular incompetence – when veins no longer function properly. Lympedema It refers to the swelling of your leg that causes blockage of lymph fluid that prevents from discharging well. Medical researchers believe that there is no cure for Lympedema, but it can be controlled in some ways. And one of this is wearing a compression sleeve, to reduce Edema content. Lipodermatosclerosis An inflammation of layered fat beneath the epidermis that causes tampering of ankles. Deep Vein Thrombosis This is defined as formation of blood clot specifically found in the leg area. Abnormalities in blood circulation that may lead to decrease in normal blood flow. Phlebitis Basically, it is similar to Lipodermatosclerosis because it also causes inflammation. It affects the arm and leg area.

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