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Advantages and Disadvantages of Calf Compression Sleeves
Advantages and Disadvantages of Calf Compression Sleeves Calf compression sleeves gradually develop the pressure application for your body. They are known to be the strongest garments that will surely adapt to your daily exercise habit. Because of its elastic design, it will give you the pressure that you want to avoid different kinds of pain and soreness. It also has the unique panel of spandex content that is medically enhanced for the recovery of the blood vessels that are flowing towards the heart for good circulation. Although calf compression sleeves were designed for heavy routine exercises and for those who have irregular circulation of blood streams, it is also in demand for everyday use. Just like those who are taking long air flights. They intend to use calf compression sleeves to prevent different kinds of circulatory problems. But we do believe that in every product, there are advantages and disadvantages, here are some of them: Advantages: • Calf compression sleeves are designed to prevent soreness because of the produced heat • Athletes use this for high intensity protection from muscle pain and knee cramps • It is also believed that by using calf compression sleeves, you can increase your running ability • It is also designed to gain more oxygen for muscle fatigue after a long day of exercise or a long day at work. • Helps to increase blood oxygen • For a more stylish exercise get-up - with a variety of colors to choose from, you will never be bored wearing it Disadvantages: • It might cause you to have skin irritations because of heat compression • Some people are not used to this, that’s why instead of having relief in your blood veins, sometimes it can also cause you to have leg cramps because of the tightness • Can intensify your exercise habit that may result to increase your lactic acid
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