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Do Compression Sleeves Really Shorten Injury Recovery Time

Do Compression Sleeves Really Shorten Injury Recovery Time

Returning to sport after injury

No matter the sport or the participant, injuries happen. We can try to minimize them, but when they occur, we want to recover as quickly as possible. There have been several studies about compression garments that look at whether they help with recovery time.

This kind of athletic clothing comes in many types. Sleeves are popular because you can buy them to fit your feet, wrists, arms, and various parts of your legs. So, whichever area you have suffered an injury in, you can support it with a compression sleeve.

Providing Snug Support

That is the first benefit of wearing them, too. The tighter fit offered by a sleeve means you can feel greater support when you begin to use that part of your body again.

Think of a sprained ankle that feels unstable when you start walking on it again. Think about a bout of tennis elbow when you first begin to move the joint and feel less pain. Many injuries involving joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments feel better with support. Compression sleeves supply that support, allowing you to get back to normal faster.

You Are Protected From Further Injury

A compression sleeve won’t remove any chance of further injury. It will, however, supply some protection. It also makes you more aware of the recovering body part. This alone makes a difference and helps speed up the recovery time by minimizing the odds of knocking or injuring it again.

Manufacturers design these garments to supply the support and tightness needed without being uncomfortable to wear. Good-quality fabrics are simple to pull on and do not move once in place. They also wick away sweat, keeping you comfortable even though you may not be used to the item you are wearing.

You Experience Better Blood Flow

When you suffer an injury, blood flow to that area increases. This is part of a wider bodily reaction called an inflammatory response. This supports healing, regardless of the nature of the injury.

Compression garments also improve blood flow, so they work in a comparable way. They also support a boost of oxygen to the muscles in that area. Think of it as sending all the good stuff to the site of your injury. It makes sense that you might notice an improvement in recovery time.

Rest, Recover, And Support

Compression sleeves should form part of your overall recovery approach. When you first suffer an injury, rest is essential, as is any relevant treatment you may need.

However, once you reach the stage where you can start exercising again, supporting your injury is vital. These sleeves may help you do that. You’ll be more aware of that part of your body and will take greater care as you start exercising or playing your favorite sport again. That alone could prevent reinjuring yourself or suffering further issues in future.

Have you ever worn these sleeves to give you support while recovering from a sports injury? If not, do you think they might help you in future?

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