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How Compression Gear Improves Circulation

How Compression Gear Improves Circulation

Compression gear is ideal for any sport, any time

Shirts, legging, pants, socks… what do all these items have in common? You can buy them all as compression gear. Studies have shown improvements in performance and recovery while wearing such clothing.

While such studies continue, one area that research often covers is blood circulation. The more you find out about it, the easier it is to understand how such clothing can improve your circulation.

Feeling The Squeeze

Did you know you can buy stockings or hosiery designed to compress varicose veins? This recognized medical product helps reduce discomfort and gives support when you suffer from this condition.

So, how does this relate to actual athletic gear offering compressive support?

It’s all to do with pressure. Let’s suppose you wear leggings or pants to help support your legs during a run, hike, or other active sports session. By doing so, you’ll feel pressure on the muscles in your legs. All other physical structures in your legs – including veins and arteries – will feel that same pressure.

This is a good thing, because it encourages stronger blood flow to that part of your body. This in turn means that muscles, ligaments, and tendons may perform better, thanks to that added blood flow.

Better Circulation, Better Oxygen

While all types of compression clothing support an increase in your blood flow, that’s not the only advantages of wearing it. You’ll also generate more oxygen to that part of your body. Your muscles work more effectively when they receive more oxygen. This is a knock-on effect of the circulatory benefit.

So, you’re getting more than one benefit when you choose to wear such clothing. And we’re not done yet, either.

Levels Of Tiredness Drop

Poor circulation and a lack of oxygen to the muscles lead to tiredness and an inferior performance. If you can improve your circulation and oxygen levels, you’re going to do better in any sport.

Wearing this clothing may take some adjustment as you become more familiar with the tightness. You may soon notice, though, how much better you feel with that added level of support. The increased flow of blood does wonders for helping you get through another exercise session with less noticeable tiredness along the way.

Recovery May Be Quicker And Easier

If you run every day, it’s essential that you fully recover in between sessions. The same applies to any other sport you take part in.

While we can all benefit from the occasional day off, compression gear can help achieve a smoother and faster recovery from whatever activity we’ve been doing. So, you’re not just receiving benefits while you’re playing tennis, going on a run, hiking that nearby hill, or whatever else you’re doing. The plus points continue after you’re done, too.

It's the reason why more people are wearing different items of compression gear to help them achieve more.

Do you wear any of this clothing yet? If not, which items would you think about adding to your exercise outfit? Do you think you might notice improvements if you do?

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