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How Compression Gear Will Elevate Your Workout

How Compression Gear Will Elevate Your Workout

It's time to pump up your workout with CompressionZ! But first, what is compression clothing anyway?

Compression clothes are garments manufactured using a spandex fabric that is stretchable and durable. They provide excellent support, prevent chafing and rashes and keep muscles warm.

What are the benefits of using compression wear?

Physiotherapists have found out that compression clothing can help increase blood circulation and provide extra support to muscles during workouts. This can help bring your body temperature to an optimum level, keep your muscles warm and avoid stiffness during exercise.

Furthermore, compression gear helps stabilize your joints to ensure better performance in addition to a faster recovery time. Muscles do their damage repair after being exposed to any muscle injury!

Lastly, the skin-tight fit of compression clothing allows you to avoid loose pants or shirts that may get in the way of your work out!

What's the right compression level for me?

It's vital to pick garments of the right compression level. Try CompressionZ clothes to experience true compression to get all the benefits that will help elevate workout! 

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