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How Foot Sleeves Make You A Better Runner

How Foot Sleeves Make You A Better Runner

Finding support for your feet

All runners look for ways to improve. Shaving a few seconds or minutes off their best time, improving their technique, or getting out more often. Experts have even conducted studies into running techniques.

Maybe you’ve done this too. There are lots of ways you can run more safely, efficiently, and comfortably. Foot sleeves could well help you achieve all those things.

What Are Foot Sleeves?

The name reveals the answer. They look like ankle socks, but they are open-toed. They’re not like regular socks either. Instead of fitting like a normal sock, they are tighter, squeezing the foot and compressing the muscles and tendons within.

The Benefits Of Wearing Them

As with all compression garments, this alternative to running socks gives you a snug fit that doesn’t budge. There is nothing more annoying than socks disappearing down into your running shoes. These won’t do that – ever.

Not only that, they promote more warmth through your foot. They drive the blood through your ankle and foot, improving circulation in the one part of your body that really needs it. If you ever come back from a run with aching feet, you might well notice a difference when you start wearing foot sleeves.

Supplying Support Through The Miles

It doesn’t matter whether you run a mile or a marathon. The design of these foot sleeves creates more support and stability throughout each foot. You’ll still be able to move your feet as you run, but you’ll notice how much more stable they are.

The increase in circulation means muscles gain a better supply of everything they need to stay healthy and to support your run. Keep them on for a while following your run as you wind down, too. This may aid in a better and faster recovery compared to going out without your foot sleeves.

Protection And Prevention

When you run, you’re putting all your weight on your feet as you pound along your route. It’s no wonder runners suffer from foot injuries – whether acute or chronic.

This alternative to socks gives you support everywhere you need it. Your ankles, your Achilles tendon, your heels… the sleeves support and hug all areas.

Many runners now wear these to help prevent injuries. Others wear them to support recovery from foot injuries of all kinds. They don’t inhibit the way you run, merely add support where you need it most.

Improving Your Running Technique

If you suffer from aching feet during a run, you’re going to try and run differently to reduce that aching. We’ve seen how foot sleeves help minimize pain, support injuries, and drive increased blood flow through the foot. How could that change the way you run?

It would be a mistake to think of these as toeless socks. Few garments supply the level of support these do. It’s something more runners are discovering every day, and you might spot some of them on your next run, too.

Have you come across these before? Would you think about wearing them to support your feet?

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