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How Tennis Compression Sleeves Improve Your Game

How Tennis Compression Sleeves Improve Your Game

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Tennis is a whole-body sport. Yet some body parts see way more action on the court than others. Think of your serving arm, for instance. Underarm serving is legal and doesn’t break any rules, but it’s rarely seen in professional tennis.

It’s common to see professional players wearing tennis compression sleeves. Some wear them to protect injuries. Others wear them to provide support and warmth. Next time you see someone wearing a sleeve, you may notice it’s often on the serving arm.

From Underarm To Overarm

History saw tennis played at much slower speeds. Underarm serving was common. One suspects that injuries were far less common a century or more ago. Certainly, you wouldn’t have seen special athletic wear to support joints continually used to deliver more power to each ball strike.

Today, though, demands are higher. Players strive to win tournaments. And with their efforts come injuries. A compression sleeve can help minimise the chance of being injured when it’s worn on the dominant arm.

Elbow Action – And Prevention

Tennis elbow can be triggered in lots of ways. However, serving overarm in tennis is a common way to get it. Serving the ball involves swift movement of the elbow. Repetition makes it more likely you’ll suffer from this painful condition.

So, how do these sleeves help prevent you from suffering and improve your game?

Firstly, they improve blood flow through the area. Tennis elbow triggers inflammation and pain in that region. If you wear a sleeve, you’re getting a two-for-one benefit.

Not only do you encourage better blood flow in your elbow, you also keep it warmer. Warmth is superb for reducing inflammation. As a bonus, lactic acid is more easily dispersed after a match when you wear these compression sleeves. They’re not just for the match – they provide ample support before and after, too.

Playing A Better Game

If you’re worrying about an elbow injury – or even a potential injury – you’re going to pull back on your serve. You’ll give your opponent time to figure out where that serve is going. Slower serves are never treated well.

These sleeves provide firm yet comfortable support just where you need it most. That means you can have confidence in your game. You’ll notice the physical support and increased warmth and movement in your serving arm and elbow.

The compression sleeve also keeps the temperature in your arm more consistent. Think of where you play tennis – indoors and outdoors. On outdoor courts, you never know what the weather might be doing that day. A warm-up is one thing; relying on a tennis sleeve gives you the consistency you’re looking for whatever the weather comes up with.

Bottom line? Wearing tennis compression sleeves makes injuries less likely. They provide protection, support, and warmth. Your serving arm gives you an edge when tackling your opponent. That sleeve might even help you improve your serving game.

Could you benefit from wearing one of these sleeves? Do you find your elbow niggles when you play? Think about trying one in future to see how it works for you.

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