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4 Simple Ways To Fall In Love With Working Out

4 Simple Ways To Fall In Love With Working Out

Did you roll your eyes at that headline? We doubt you're alone if you did! Luckily there is a way to turn distaste for working out into excitement. Put on your CompressionZ clothes and let's go!

Do What You Love
The key is to find something that you enjoy doing. Then, make that a part of your regular routine. When you like what you’re doing you’ll find yourself magically falling in love with working out and it becomes easier to make it a lasting habit. Prefer being outside? Then go for a run in your neighborhood. Are you not into butt-busting cardio workouts? Then try Yoga. Love to be on your bike? Then start cycling. 

Don’t Over-Do It
If you want to start CrossFit but haven’t worked out in six months, you likely won’t stick with it. Don’t overextend yourself. Start slowly with walking or running and then work your way up to hour-long cardio sessions. You’ll end up falling out of your workout routine if you take on too much too soon.

Workout With a Friend
If you’re afraid to start working out by yourself then why not pair up with a friend? You can also join meetups to find like-minded people who share your interest in specific workout routines. Having a workout buddy by your side will help keep you motivated on the days you're feeling lazy!


Ditch Your Scales
Stop using your scale as a justification for working out! Even if you’re trying to drop a few LB’s the scale isn’t your friend. When the scale says you haven’t lost weight you’re tempted to stop working out. We suggest ditching the scale for at least two weeks, so you don’t get discouraged. Forget about the numbers! Instead, focus on all the benefits you are obtaining and how great you feel after working out.

Now that you're armed with these quick tips for falling in love with working out, it’s time to get prepared for doing it. We recommend checking out our full online collection of the best workout gear so you can start enjoying your new active lifestyle!

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