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How To Use Compression Gear To Prevent Muscle Soreness

How To Use Compression Gear To Prevent Muscle Soreness

Any activity can lead to sore muscles

Do you ever experience sore muscles after exercising? It doesn’t matter whether you’re into jogging, hiking, playing tennis, or boxing. Any activity can trigger DOMS – the official term for delayed onset muscle soreness, and that’s what you’re feeling.

It’s thought that the muscles suffer tiny tears during exercise. It’s not usually worrisome, but it can be painful. Trying a different sport that uses different muscles may make it more likely you’ll experience this. Increasing your activity can also cause it to occur.

Can You Prevent It Happening?

One study into the efficiency of compression gear found that injury was 26.7% less likely to occur in someone wearing this gear compared to someone who wasn’t.

Other research supports this study, highlighting comparable results. Anecdotal evidence from people who wear compression clothing also highlights the reduction in muscle soreness.

If you’re wondering whether this type of clothing is right for you, that statistic alone might help you decide.

How Can You Benefit?

Athletic clothing like this comes in several types. The items you choose will depend on the sport you take part in. For example:

  • Tennis players could wear a compression sleeve on their dominant arm
  • Golfers could wear sleeves on both arms
  • Runners would go for pants or capris
  • Hikers and walkers would feel the benefit from compression socks

Think about which body parts do the most work and go from there.

How Do These Garments Work?

We know that muscle soreness often occurs after exercise. So, how can these garments prevent your muscles from getting sore?

All these clothing items fit tightly. They support your muscles, supplying greater protection during your exercise session. This encourages an increased flow of blood through that region. It also raises oxygen levels to muscles in that area.

What does all this mean? You’ll notice your muscles don’t feel as sore after your usual exercise session, no matter which sport or activity you’re doing.

Many also believe that the gear reduces the amount of lactic acid settling in muscle tissue after a workout. So, it’s not just about feeling better during exercise. It’s about feeling better and recovering more quickly once you’re done.

Don’t Remove The Gear The Second You’re Done

Does this surprise you? Surely the garments are only for active periods? You wouldn’t sit around in your tennis gear or gym outfit for ages, would you?

It might pay to keep those compression garments on a bit longer. They support your muscles as you wind down and cool off. Your muscles are going to keep on receiving that extra blood flow to help them recover faster. That means you’ll be ready for your next session faster, too.

No one likes having sore muscles. While this clothing cannot get rid of them, it does make a massive difference. It’s a difference you can try for yourself, too. You might well be surprised.

Are you keen on trying these garments? Have you already done so and noticed a change in how you feel afterwards?

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