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Surprising Benefits Of Tennis Compression Wear

Surprising Benefits Of Tennis Compression Wear

Have you noticed professional tennis players wearing tight clothing underneath their tennis kit? Chances are it is compression wear. Studies show that this type of clothing can reduce muscle fatigue and soreness.

This clothing is unlikely to improve your serve, volleying, or smash. However, there are still notable benefits of this tennis wear (compression wear). Andy Murray has mentioned it in interviews and wears it during matches.

It could be ideal for you to try as well. It’s surprising how much a simple garment or two can do for you.

Reduced Muscle Soreness After A Match

A three-set match can last for two hours or more, depending on the score. Muscle soreness is going to occur in such instances. However, the player can reduce this when using this tennis compression gear.

The clothing helps circulation. Lactic acid increases in muscle tissue after exercise. Compressing the muscle tissue makes sure the levels of this acid drop. This in turn reduces soreness and discomfort.

Less Swelling And Fatigue

Playing tennis involves sprinting rather than running marathon distances. A match can feel like a marathon, but it puts different strains on the body compared to that long-distance event. You frequently move from one direction to head in another, too.

The tennis compression wear gear works hard to compress your muscles. It prevents them from moving around as much as they would without it. This applies to tops, shorts, sleeves and socks.

This reduces the vibration experienced when participating in a match, regardless of the actions you take. Less vibration means less movement, less swelling, and less fatigue when the match is over.

Faster Recovery

Recovering from the exertions of a tennis match is vital. You need to be ready for the next one, especially if you are playing in a tournament.

Fitted compression tennis wear helps achieve this. These garments won’t entirely get rid of Compression wear will significantly reduce fatigue, inflammation, and soreness. They drive improved blood flow towards the body part wearing the garment.

The faster you recover, the faster you’ll be ready for your next match. It could make a real difference when you are looking at ways to improve your game.

Support For Existing Injuries

Many tennis players have niggles soreness and injuries that occasionally flare up. This kind of tennis clothing cannot won’t necessarily prevent all injuries from occurring. However, it can reduce the odds chances of getting injured and help support existing injuries.

These garments lead to:

  1. Warmer muscles
  2. Increased oxygen levels in that body part
  3. Better blood flow

All three elements encourage healing. In many cases, tennis players also wear these garments for a while following a match. This helps reduce swelling and inflammation, while supporting any injuries they may have.


Tennis compression wear offers multiple benefits for anyone who plays tennis. You don’t need to be a pro either. Earlier in this article, we said that this clothing wouldn’t might not improve your game. But could it?

If you recover faster from each match Faster recover equals less suffering and less inflammation and fewer aching muscles, . That mean’s you’re going to perform better. Plus you’ll sense a greater ability to play well.

Have you worn tennis compression wear during a match? Does it change the way you feel? If you haven’t worn it, would you think about Consider making it part of your tennis outfit in future?

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