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The Benefits Of Tennis Compression Shorts

The Benefits Of Tennis Compression Shorts

Do you wear the best tennis gear?

Today’s tennis players are supremely fit. Research has confirmed that short bursts of high intensity action are common during points. While the sport involves effort from the whole body, the legs take on a sizable part of that overall effort.

Watch closely the next time you see pro players in a televised match. You might spot some wearing another pair of shorts underneath their regular shorts. Women wear them underneath a skirt of similar length.

These are tennis compression shorts, but what purpose do they serve? Can you take advantage of them to improve your game, too?

Why Wear These Garments?

Think about how you play each shot of a match. Oftentimes, you’ll do one or more of these:

  • Quick directional changes
  • Pushing off on one or other foot
  • Lunging to reach the ball
  • Short sprints to get to the ball

Sprinting is one thing, but tennis players tackle short sprints of several meters before switching direction when needed. Small wonder groin strains and similar injuries can easily occur.

Compression shorts may help prevent such injuries from occurring to start with. Fitted shorts encourage a better flow of blood to that part of the body. They also keep your thighs and rear warmer.

We know cold muscles are more likely to experience strains. Pulling on those shorts ahead of a match will begin the warm-up process before you do. If you play the game throughout the year, you won’t want to be without your shorts under your regular tennis clothing during the winter.

If you already have a muscle strain in your leg or groin, restrictive clothing like this helps support the area while it heals. You’ll notice the difference from the second you first pull them on.

Minimize Sore Legs After A Match

You’ll always feel sore following a match, especially a competitive one that goes to the final set. However, the warmth and support offered by tennis compression shorts should mean you notice far less soreness.

It’s likely that the tight nature of these garments would give an easier path to recovery following a match. It’s one thing to feel sore but taking longer to recover might interfere with your next match.

Combine the improved blood flow to the area, the increased heat, and the comfort the garment offers, and you can understand how your tennis game might benefit from wearing these shorts.

Greater Comfort During Play

With all those sudden changes of direction, increased sweat levels, and complex points, you might think you leave comfort at the locker room when you step out to play a match.

These garments help you feel better every second of the match. Instead of your shorts or skirt sticking to you during the match, your compression shorts will make you feel far more comfortable. One of many reasons why these clothing items are becoming way more common on tennis courts for pros and amateurs around the world.

Have you tried these compression shorts yet? Would you wear them to prevent or protect injuries?

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