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Q1. The calf compression sleeves do feel a bit tight – is this normal?

A: Yes, you should have a snug fit. The two elastic bands (one at the top, and the other at the bottom) will help to keep your sleeves in place, so that it does not slip down when you are exercising.

Q2. How do I wash my CompressionZ apparel?

A: Your CompressionZ Compression apparel is made of high quality, durable material. It will lasts you for many washes and uses.
The ideal care is to have it machine washed in cold water and just leave it out to dry.

Q3. When should I wear my CompressionZ sleeve?

A: It is entirely up to you! It can be worn

  • Before your activity or exercise to help activate your leg muscles
  • During your activity as it can help increase your performance level
  • After your acitivity to help with your muscle recovery

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