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Men's Compression Pants - Navy

Regular price $29.99 USD
Regular price $39.99 USDSale price $29.99 USD
Size: S

Product Description

  • 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex
  • Recover more quickly from every exercise
  • Perform with optimal muscle efficiency
  • Helps you to warm up more quickly
  • Prevent circulation problems caused by air travel
  • Insulate during colder conditions
  • Prevent new strains

Customer Reviews

Based on 1323 reviews
Ron Kelley

I like them very much and blue is my favorite color

Great Fit

Had previously purchased medium size which
was a bit too long. The size small fits perfectly.

JJ Irvine
Love these compression pants!!

Having used the 9” compression shorts for over a year I decided to get the pants as well. I love them. They fit great and provide the right amount of support. They also wear very well. After using the shorts for over a year they’re still in great shape and perform like new. Great product and worth the price.

Some Guy
Very good!

I was having a problem with chafing on my thighs so I decided to buy a bunch of different leggings and test them out. These were the best quality out of all of them. The only thing I would make different on them is take off an inch on the waist height.

Great product AND GREAT company to work with

Looking for great customer service? Look no further. I recently ordered 2 size M pants, one navy and one grey. The navy pant fit differently than the gray - navy was tighter with less stretch in my opinion. Both pair are "wearable" so I wasn't disappointed but decided to write Compressionz and inquire if the pants were different styles. I had a response the same day with an offer to send me a size L to see if it was a better fit. I was informed that there was no need to send back one pair - "just enjoy our products". So I now have 3 pair of amazing compression pants that all fit well. This is my first time wearing such items and I love them. I work out in them, wear them as a base layer on colder Michigan days. I'll be wearing them on an upcoming ski trip and can't wait to try them on my mountain bike. While the size chart put me in a Large, I find the medium and large grey pants fit quite similarly. neither are too long in the waist. I'm 5' 8" 165lbs and wear 32" x 30 pants.

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