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Women's Compression Leggings - Pink

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Size: XS

Product Description

  • 73% Polyester, 27% Spandex
  • Faster and easier recovery after your workout, as increase in oxygen helps remove lactic acid
  • Wicking material keeps you cool and dry for longer periods
  • Offers sturdiness and support to ensure a snug fit
  • Breathable and comfortable as we use anti-itch material
  • Anti-bacterial material to reduce odor
  • Improves your performance with better muscle support and muscle efficiency
  • Promotes better blood circulation
  • Allows greater flexibility & motion with no skin chafing or irritation
  • Stays in place and does not ride up during your activity
  • Retains shape even after multiple washes
  • Promotes better blood circulation
  • More effective warm up as your muscle tissues get warmed faster due to increasing blood flow

Customer Reviews

Based on 2004 reviews

OK well I bought three pairs because I love the color so much and didn’t know if I’d be able to find them again so I have a couple back up pairs and they make you feel tight but not too tight around the waist, will not give you a muffin top because they go up high enough that everything is sucked in and somehow they make your butt look really perky! Don’t sleep on these Leggins get them while you can even though it’s summertime do you will have this beautiful color to wear later on. CompressionsZ are by far some of the best leggings, athletic or lounging that I have found. I bought others in different colors as well after I got my first pair in. I love them so much especially the fuchsia color I bought.

Audra Malnar
Love the PINK

Absolutely in love with these leggings I actually bought two more pairs and one more pair of pink. Love the items in the way that they feel on my skin, I’m 5 foot 6 1/2 inches and I weigh 167, I bought a large, and it fits me like a glove, just that little bit of info for anybody that is needing a comparison

Tamara Corbeau
Compression, Comfy & Cute Leggings

I ordered the hot pink compression leggings that come down to my ankles. I felt very tucked in but in that good way like when your grandmother used to tuck you in at night. I love the hot pink and they are so soft to the touch. Originally, I ordered size L. If by some miracle I had managed to stuff myself in there, they would have needed the Jaws of Life to get me out. I contacted customer service right away and Rachel replied and asked me how I would like to proceed. I told her that I really loved the leggings and asked her if they came in XL. I seems like before my email even left my sent items I had a pair of XL hot pink leggings at my door. Rachel, thank you so much. These fit great and I love the feel of the fabric.

Deborah Watson
Pretty in Pink

Love it so much! The compression legging actually helped me feeling better 😃 Thank you!

Rylie Riggs

These are my favorite leggings. I am already on my second pair. Normally I don’t dry my leggings but with these I do. I’ve found that it keeps them from eventually getting baggy over time. I also wear these several days in a row, they never get loose

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