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Sneaky labels for hidden sugar

Sneaky labels for hidden sugar
How to find hidden sugarIf you feel stalled in your weight-loss efforts even though you’ve cut out sugar, here’s something to investigate: ‘sugar’ may not be in your food labels as ‘sugar’. Here are other, legal ways to list sugar as an ingredient in foods:
  • Tapioca syrup - contains just as many carbs and calories as maple syrup
  • Sucrose - this is the chemical name for sugar (clever, huh?)
  • Panocha - a combination of sugar, butter, and milk, typically found in baked goods.
  • Panela - an extract of sugar cane juice - basically liquid sugar!
  • Maltose - not as sweet-tasting, but this sugar contains all the carbs and calories of regular sugar. This one is often found in beer.
  • Maltodextrin - a form of sugar extracted from corn, so it’s especially harmful for those with gluten intolerances.
  • Lactose - this sugar is found in dairy products. Lactose is what gives dairy milk more carbs than soy or coconut milks.
  • Glucose - this is sugar derived from grapes. It’s got all the carbs and calories as table sugar.
  • Galactose - this is a naturally-occurring sugar that is often found in fruit and vegetable products (yes).
  • Fruit juice concentrates - sounds healthy, but very sugary. This is often how yogurt products are sweetened.
  • Fructose - now estimated to be 10% of the average American’s daily food intake.
  • Evaporated cane juice - this is what’s left over when you take the water out of the juice from sugar cane. Otherwise known as sugar.
  • Ethyl maltol - chemically-made sweetener often found in baked goods.

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