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4 Ways to Sin With Salad

4 Ways to Sin With Salad
Today, rSome salad is sinfulunning around town, I grabbed an Asian Chicken Cashew Salad from Wendy’s. It was good – not great, but good, and quite fresh. Just now, I looked up how many calories I consumed with my salad: 380. Not bad for fast food, right? Then, I looked up the calorie count on the salad I almost selected, the apple chicken pecan salad. 780 calories. In a salad. No, I am not kidding. This was a revelation to me: a salad can be (dietarily speaking) sinful. Here's a few others to avoid, if you're counting calories (and you would like a few left over for dinner). 1) Jack in the Box's Chicken Club Salad With Crispy Chicken Strips and Bacon Ranch Dressing - 783 calories. 2) McDonald's Premium Bacon Ranch Salad With Crispy Chicken - 570 calories (which doesn't sound that bad when you think about some of those above us) 3) Panera's Steak & Blue Cheese Chopped Salad - 790 calories 4) Burger King's Chicken BLT Garden Fresh with TENDERCRISP® and Avocado Ranch Dressing -

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