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Why quinoa is a thing

Why quinoa is a thing
So my newquinoa favorite food is my getting-in-shape aresenal is quinoa. I have never been a brown rice fan, and white rice? It's a carb bomb that I can only rationalize the night before a 5k.

If you're not in the loop about quinoa, here's why it's a thing all over the fitness department of the internet: while it has a very similar calorie count to brown rice, it has almost twice the protein and significantly more fiber. Both protein and fiber are important even if you're not trying to lose some weight.

Meanwhile, it's just as easy to make as brown rice. Saturday night, I made One Pan Mexican Quinoa, compliments of My Wife Makes. It was heavenly and easy, and that is a winning combination in my world! Even my husband had a large bowl of it, and lived!

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