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The story behind the mystery fruit

The story behind the mystery fruit
garcinia-cambogia-fruitI'm not a daytime TV watcher, so I'm not an expert on Dr. Oz, but this is do know: that man is the source of a lot of spam! I don't know how many spam-bot sites I've seen talking about Dr. Oz's latest weightloss secret, right alongside the newest alternative to Viagra I can get without a prescription! Whoopie. I do believe generally, that marketing hysteria often contains a grain of truth. Dr. Oz, bless the poor man's heart, has endorsed the use of a supplement called 'garcinia cambogia' (which I'm going to refer to as g.c. from now on), to assist us in losing excess weight. Put try to search it on the net, and it's one ugly spamfest. But I dug a little deeper to see what's real and what's just hype. Here's what I've found out. In southeast Asia, there is a fruit called a Malabar Tamarind. It looks like a little green pumpkin that grows from trees. These fruits give us g.c., which historically has been used as a spice with southeast asian cuisine. G.c. is NOT a stimulant, like most other supplements used for weight loss (although stimulant-based ingredients could be added to g.c.). Allegedly, g.c. slows the body's production of a chemical called citrate lyase, which is needed to produce fat. If your body doesn't have enough citrate lyase to work with, it will not put more fat on your frame. It also increases your serotonin level, which in some people may curb their appetite. There have been studies on the actual weight loss effectiveness of g.c., and while there is some support for the claims of fat loss, they aren't as dramatic as advertisers claim them to be. A study published in the American Journal of Obesity shouwed a loss on average of 2 pounds per person in those taking g.c. vs. a placebo. In order to get these results, the study participants given the g.c. supplement had 700 milligrams before breakfast and then again before dinner, so check the labels on the supplement bottle before you decide to try g.c. for yourself. If you've been following this blof for the last few weeks, you now that I am losing a little bit of weight each week. I believe that this is primarily due to healthy food choices and exercise. However, I do believe that the Garcinia Cambogia is helping me overcome little slip-ups in my eating. Also, I think seeing weekly weight loss is a great motivation, and any product that helps at this phase of shaping up is a good thing. So I do think the garcinia cambogia is working for me, and I recommend it to those who are seriously changing their eating habits and getting more active. If you aren't already doing those things, I don't think you should spend the money. Sources:

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