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4 Blogs Dedicated to Healthy Desserts
dessertI know you're thinking 'Healthy desserts? Isn't that an oxymoron? Like internet safety or almost done?'But I have personally tried out recipes from many of these sites, and I can personally attest that they are legit. I think it's important to have some healthy dessert options when we're either trying to lose weight or trying to stay in shape. If we know there are healthy choices for something sweet, we're less liekly to just run out and grab a box of Little Debbies (not that I know anyone who has done that, of course, but I've heard). These are my all time favorite healthy dessert blogs: 1) Chocolate-Covered Katie: If you only check out one, this is one you should look through. I made her dark chocolate "cream" pie, and it was fantastic! She includes vegan, paleo and sugar free recipes - there is something for everyone. 2) Desserts With Benefits: Very close second place! Written by a college student who's majoring in nutrition, you'll find all sorts of desserts with healthy ingredients to help you kick the refined sugar habit. Her 'about' page is very inspiring for anyone who thinks they need traditional sweets to have a life worth living. 3) Living Healthy WIth Chocolate: There are some recipes here that don't involve chocolate, but not very many. Chocoholics, this is the site for you! 4) Healthy Indulgences
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