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5 Ways to Workout When the Weather Doesn't Cooperate

5 Ways to Workout When the Weather Doesn't Cooperate
Work out any way When wintery weather hits your area, working out outdoors often gets too dangerous. Poor visibility, dangerously-low temperatures and slippery surfaces are just a few of the issues a good winter storm bring with it. But when snowpocalypse hits on workout day? Not to worry! Here’s how to keep your fitness momentum:  
  1. Stream something. Whether it’s through Netflix, Amazon Video, or one of the many streaming fitness channels, there are now several different types of streaming workouts. Choices range from yoga to pilates to calisthenics to weight training. Many of these are free to stream.
  2. Break out the DVDs. Your DVD player works when your wireless doesn’t, so pick up a couple of workout DVDs that look interesting online or at a brick-and-mortar store. If you have like-minded friends, agree to swap DVDs when you’re ready for something new, or workout together.
  3. Hit the gym. If you’re not a member at a gym, don’t despair. Call around and see if a gym in your area has a day pass you can pay for (this is also a great way to test drive a gym if you’ve been contemplating a membership). If you have a friend who loves his gym, as if you can go with him for a workout as a guest.
  4. Play a Wii or Kinect game. Challenge your kids to a few rounds of ‘Just Dance’ or ‘Wii Sports’ - you’ll be amazed how active that will get you!
  5. Dance. Bad weather doesn’t excuse you from housework, either, so combine the two: turn on some music and dance while you move through your day. Incorporate some heavy chores as your health allows, like sweeping and mopping the floors.

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