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#Running #movies for winter weekends

#Running #movies for winter weekends
spiritmarathon posterFor many of us, winter weather makes running schedules unpredictable. Ice and darkness are just not constructive for optimal training for our sport. If winter weather has you inside, here are some running movies you can stream to stay in the spirit:  
  • Town of Runners (2012) - a documentary about three kids in a small town in Ethiopia, moving from their school track team to national competition.
  • On the Edge (1986) - Bruce Dern plays a former running star who’s been banned from the sport who coaches a group of tough teens to run a mountainous trail race .
  • Four Minutes (2005) - the story of Bruce Bannister, who broke the 4-minute-mile barrier. This movie was nominated for an ESPY award in the “Best Sports Film” category.
  • Running on the Sun: The Badwater 135 (2000) - a fascinating documentary about the contestants of the notorious Badwater ultra run, which is held in Death Valley
  • Prefontaine (1997) - Jared Leto plays Oregon running legend Steve Prefontaine who evolves from a selfish star to an athletic activist.
  • Spirit of the Marathon (2007) - this documentary follows both elite and amateur runners as they prepare to run the Chicago marathon.

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