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December Fitness Challenges Keep Us on Track

December Fitness Challenges Keep Us on Track
Santa's been working out! Santa's been working out! Now that we’ve awakened from our tryptophan coma, the holiday rush is in full swing, with shopping, parties, gift-wrapping, travel, toy assembly… whew, sounds tiring! With all of the extra events and shortened days, it’s a natural temptation to jettison the workouts for a month. If you need a little extra motivation, check out some of the online December fitness challenges that abound on the internet:
  • Roller Derby Athletics ($15): once you pay the entrance fee, you’re enrolled into the Challenge and its corresponding Facebook group. The emphasis is on fitness rather than weight loss.
  • My Dream Shape (free version or $11.95 deluxe version): My Dream Shape is all over Pinterest, so this month you can put the site to your own test. The free version has a workout calendar and a meal plan. The deluxe version has many more features.
  • Jill K. Fitness ($15): Jill K. is a fitness trainer who offers challenge plans geared for the gym, home, or a combination of the two.
  • This and That Life (free): Blogger Kristi Stevenson offers a printable workout schedule for the month that’s simple and straightforward.
  • Map My Run (free): The MapMyRun app offers several fitness challenges for December, and it’s not just running: choose from literally hundreds of activities in order to qualify.

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