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Eat, Drink and Be Weary - 5 Races for Foodies
Much is being made around the web about Lance Armstrong’s failure to finish a “Beer Mile” event in Austin over the last weekend (personally, I’d have thought he would done pretty well since self-medication is a big part of the event). For the uninitiated, a Beer Mile is a race that requires the participant to consume a beer at the beginning or end of each mile. Why? Beer sponsors get a lot of press. After that, I can’t really explain it, except maybe merging the love of beer with the love of running? Beer Miles are hardly the first type of event that celebrate consumption. If beer isn’t your thing and you want an athletic way to indulge, check out these events: Thank to writer Amy Reinink for this photo, whose work often appears in Runners World. Thank to writer Amy Reinink for this photo, whose work often appears in Runners World.
  1. The Hot Chocolate 15/5K (Various cities) Eating chocolate isn’t mandatory during this race, but there’s plenty at the race expo and in the goodie bag. Entrants also enjoy perks like free race photos and a kids area. Check the website for upcoming dates in the city of your choice.
  2. The Pie Run (Shreveport, Louisiana) Not only can you run to raise money for Shreveport’s Southfield School, but you receive a slice of strawberry pie once you finish. That counts as a serving of fruit, right?
  3. The Apple Harvest Festival 5K (Glastonbury, Connecticut) This is a serving of fruit - probably more than one! The Apple Harvest Festival offers entrants apple pie, apple cider, apple fritters … you get the idea.
  4. The Green Lake Gobble 5K (& Mashed Potato Munch Off) (Seattle, Washington) If you like your eating to be a little more competitive in nature, this is the event for you, although I hope the Mashed Potato Munch Off is held after the race.
  5. The Gateway Cupcake 5K Run (St. Louis, Missouri) Cupcakes, beer and soda await you at the finish line as a reward for all that clean eating you’ve been doing. Plus, if you eat a cupcake at the stations throughout the course, you will have a minute deducted from your time
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