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3 Fitness Uber-Sites to Get You Started

3 Fitness Uber-Sites to Get You Started
minifigrunnerWhen I say 'fitness uber-site', I mean sites that are geared towards beginners and offer a little of everything: fitness tracking. food planning/tracking, etc.  I like these sites because using them increases our chances of starting off in a balanced, healthy way, and often give us some online encouragement. These sites come in different styles - here's a few I have found: 1) Sparkpeople - probably the largest out there right now in terms of membership with 16 million registered members. Sparkpeople offers an array of free trackers - fitness, meals, and water, - along with recipes and free meal plans. It's gotten quite female, although it is technically for everyone. I like the personalized start page that allows you to update your trackers all in one place. 2) Workout-X - if your gym went completely online, this is what it would look like. This site offers specific workouts (down to number of reps of each excerise) along with meal plans and some trackers. There's a free membership and a paid membership. It's getting in shape simplified. 3) Nerd Fitness - I love this site, becuase it is so different from what we've come to expect from a fitness site! This site 'gamifies' fitness - meaning it puts your workouts and eating clean into videogame terms so you can 'level up', which is very motivating for short-term efforts

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