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Compression Knee Sleeves for Knee Pain
CompressionZ Knee Sleeves Decrease your pain! Knee pain is definitely a no-no, especially if you’re engaged in sports. If you have knee pain, consider compression knee sleeves. How do compression knee sleeves benefit your aching knee? To find out, let’s get to know more about knee sleeves and how they work. Compression Knee Sleeves by CompressionZ: What Are They Made Of? Compression knee sleeves by CompressionZ are made of nylon and spandex. Nylon is breathable and flexible but also durable. Spandex, on the other hand, is extremely elastic, meaning that it can expand up to 5 times of its original length under tension. When released from tension, it returns to its original size. The benefit of using compression knee sleeves made of nylon and spandex is that the spandex allows the sleeve to stretch, while the nylon provides compression support and breathability. Because both nylon and spandex are long lasting, you sleeves will last for many seasons. How Do Compression Knee Sleeves Work? Compression knee sleeves are designed to protect your knee from further injury by supporting the correct positioning of your kneecap during training or sports activity. Compression knee sleeves increase blood flow and reduce pain during and after performance by increasing blood flow through the blood vessels, so you will experience less pain and swelling during and after your performance. CompressionZ also offers knee sleeves with padding in the front to protect your kneecap from impact injuries while still letting your knee move naturally. Padded knee sleeves are great for those who play basketball, volleyball, football and other contact sports. How Do Compression Knee Sleeves Benefit Those with Knee Pain? Knee pain can be caused by swelling of muscles and ligaments in your knee. Compressing the knee structures can result in almost instant pain relief. Compression knee sleeves provide basic protection for people with meniscus tears, mild arthritis, sprains, strains, weakness and tendonitis. Painful joints can distract from your competition. Wearing compression knee sleeves enhances your skills by making you more aware of your knee movements (a function of your brain that experts refer to as proprioception, or being aware where your knee is at all times). Compression knee sleeves provide cover and support to your knee and the area surrounding it. Sleeves retain heat to reduce pain and promote healing. Studies show that wearing heat-retaining knee sleeves can reduce pain, similar to the effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Overall, a compression knee sleeve helps us work through our knee injuries. It protects your knee, prevents further injury, aids in healing and improves your performance. As always, it is best to consult your doctor about wearing compression knee sleeves and let your trainer know about your medical concerns.
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