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3 Steps to Becoming a Group Fitness Instructor

3 Steps to Becoming a Group Fitness Instructor
groupfitnessOne of the biggest rends in the fitness industry right now is employing licensed fitness instructors to lead group classes, making the qualifications to lead classes at you gym stricter and therefore yielding a higher-quality experience for gym goers. In fact, the average fitness instructor in the U.S. makes $32,ooo per year working full time, which isn't too shabby for a career that does require any college education. If you're outgoing, optimistic, and a patient listener, you might be able to take your commitment to fitness to the nest level and get paid to lead workouts. If you know you have the right personality, here's how to get started: 1) Become first aid and CPR certified. All credentialing bodies will require this. Check out your local Red Cross for the most comprehensive list of CPR classes in your area. 2) Decide on a certification route. There are many to choose from, and you should expect to pay a minimum of $299 for the basic group fitness instructor course. If you hope to one day teach at a particular facility, ask the hiring manager which credentialing body they prefer. Currently, the two largest U.S. credentialing bodies  are  The American Council on Exercise (ACE) and The Aerobics and  Fitness Association of America, but there are many others. 3) Consider adding a specialty credential. Programs like Zumba, YogaFit and Les Mills offer specializations, which are especially attractive to nationwide gym chains.

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